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How to Enrol
The Whitehorse Pre-School Association maintains a Central Application Scheme for three and four year old pre-schools in the City of Whitehorse.  Application forms may be obtained from:
-  The 'Form' page of the 'Enrol' section of this website
-  All Whitehorse Kindergartens
-  City of Whitehorse Council Offices  
-  Maternal & Child Health Centres
-  Whitehorse Information Centre at Forest Hill Chase  
Enrolments are accepted for children at two years of age.  Positions are allocated in the year before your child is due to attend pre-school.  Enrolment applications close on 30 June each year. You will be contacted by the pre-school some time between July and September of that year regarding your child's position. No guarantee is given to families when applying for pre-school preferences or alternatives.
  • Proof of the child’s date of birth must be supplied with the application.
  • You must provide a residential address.
  • Proof of residential address must be supplied with the application. Only recent utilities accounts showing usage are acceptable; gas, water, elecetricity, land phone line. Rates notice is not acceptable.
  • All children enrolling in an early childhood service must meet No Jab, No Play Legislation and provide
    relevant documentation with application. Up-to-date ACIR (Australian Childhood Immunisation Record) history statement available from Medicare online is preferred.  Photocopied pages of MCHN book are not acceptable.
    No Jab No Play frequently asked questions
  • A non-refundable application fee must be included with the application.
  • Submit your enrolment applications to the WPSA Applications Office(Refer to the 'Contact Us' page on this web site)
  • It is the responsibility of the person lodging the application to ensure all documents are correct and included with the application form.  Incorrect or incomplete applications will be returned.

For further information, please refer to the 'Application Information' document, found on the 'Form' page of the 'Enrol' section of this website.  If you have a question that cannot be answered by the information on this website, please contact the Applications Office (Refer to the 'Contact Us' page on this web site).
PAY BY PAYPAL OPTION- You do not need to have your own Paypal account to use this option
WPSA will be sent an email by paypal to let us know a payment has been received
Non-refundable application fee $25 per child for applications
Child's Name