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About the WPSA
The Pre-School Association was formed in 1965 by a number of Nunawading Kindergartens who wanted to set up a support network for themselves. It rapidly grew to the stage where all the kindergartens in the City of Nunawading became members. The Association became a forum for the kindergartens to discuss issues important to the operation of kindergartens as well as involving itself in other community service issues.
When the government decided to amalgamate Nunawading and Box Hill, the Association changed to the Whitehorse Pre-School Association or the WPSA. The Association invited all the kindergartens within the former City of Box Hill to become members. The Box Hill kindergartens have progressively joined, so that now all kindergartens in the City of Whitehorse are members of the Association.
The WPSA is not a Whitehorse Council organisation, however they do provide financial support, which is greatly appreciated.  The Pre-School Association is made up of a group of volunteer parents, elected each year at the Associations Annual General Meeting, from the various kindergartens that the Association represents.

The main aims of the Whitehorse Pre-School Association, are:
  • To make pre-school educational services available to every child that applies for pre-school in the City of Whitehorse.
  • To act as a co-ordinating body for all pre-school committees and other similar organisation in the City of Whitehorse wishing to affiliate with the Association.
  • To work in co-operation with the currently responsible Government Authority for the establishment and operation of pre-school centres in accord with the approved standards.
  • To support management committees to operate their own pre-school centres in accord with the approved standards.
  • To co-ordinate the enrolment of students for all member pre-schools and help develop enrolment selection criteria.
Join the WPSA
If you are interested in joining the Whitehorse Pre-School Association, as a member or affiliated kindergarten, please contact the Association Manager (Refer to the 'Contact Us' page on this web site).