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Aurora School Community Kindergarten
96 Holland Road
Blackburn South, 3130
BH 03 8878 9878
Fax 8878 9800
Aurora School Community Kindergarten provides 3 and 4 year old kindergarten programs for local hearing children and deaf/hearing impaired children enrolled at Aurora School.
This inclusive play-based program provides a supportive, safe and nurturing environment for all children.  Based on the philosphy of instilling and strengthening children's sense of belonging and personal self-esteem; we provide opportunites within a natural environment, to learn and play, creating a foundation for lifelong learning, health and wellbeing.
In addition to qualified Early Childhood Educators, the programs are supported by an additional Early Childhood teacher and Auslan assistant.
4 year old group9.00 - 3.009.00 - 12.009.00 - 3.00--

3 year old group

---9.00 - 12.009.00 - 12.00

Early Childhood Teachers:








Helen Lam
Georgia Gray
Mel Slocombe
Anne Bensen
Ashley Newberry
Kaylene Knight
Tania Egorov-Barry
Cynthia Rice
Andi Juhasz
Open Day: Open Week:
Open Day 2018 - Tuesday 22 May, 9.30am - 11.30pm
We welcome visitors at any time.
Please phone the kindergarten for details or to make an appointment.
Nearest Maternal & Child Health Centre:Forest Hill and Box Hill South