Barriburn Pre-School
337 Morack Road
Vermont South, 3133


bestchance Early Years Management

Phone: 03 8562 5153

Kinder: 03 9801 6771 

We have a play-based and values rich program where incidental learning takes place in a cheerful, friendly, caring and relaxed atmosphere. The environment is attractive, stimulating, challenging, safe and fun.  The program promotes a healthy self-esteem, catering for individual needs and for the group as a whole. Our sessions include art, music, dance, drama, stories, poetry, games, cooking, gardening, digging and climbing.

Our aim is to provide your child and family with a happy and rewarding time.
  • Music is an integral part of our program.
  • Excursions are incorporated as an extension to our program. 
  • Large, stimulating, shaded outdoor environment.
  • For a challenging and rewarding start to your child's future 
4 year old - each child attends 3 sessions9.15 - 2.4512.00 - 4.009.15 - 2.459.15 - 2.4512.00 - 4.00

3 year old

-8.30 - 11.30--8.30 - 11.30
Early Childhood Teachers: 

4 year olds
3 year olds

4 year olds


3 & 4 year olds

Belinda Irvine
Emma Hudson
Monique Szwadiak
Lynn Brown
Pam Hill
Open Day:
Open Week:
Open Week is May of each year during Education Week.
October - Children's Week.
Visitors welcome at all times.
Please phone the preschool for further details or to make an appointment.
Nearest Maternal & Child Health Centre:Vermont South.
Feeder Schools:Vermont, Livingstone, St James, Knox School and Weeden Heights Primary Schools.