Blackburn Preschool
40 Blackburn Road
Blackburn, 3130
BH 03 9878 0180

Blackburn Preschool offers children a fun, dynamic and creative kindergarten experience which encourages learning through play and is child initiated and adult enriched.  The programs aim to reflect each child's individual interests, learning styles and family and cultural backgrounds.


Blackburn Preschool emphasizes the positive development of social skills and self esteem, independence, school readiness and enjoyment of kindergarten life in a setting in which all children feel valued and respected.

The children have fun exploring a wide range of topics through drama, role-play, construction, singing, dancing and creative art and craft activities during their sessions. These are enhanced by participation in excursions, incursions and other special events to further the children's experiences.


Parental involvement is welcomed and encouraged by our dedicated, fully qualified preschool teachers, who develop and implement the programs in conjunction with experienced assistants. The teaching staff create a warm and friendly atmosphere for children and their families.


Blackburn Preschool is committed to a child safe environment.

4 year old Frogs
8.30 - 12.00
8.30 - 12.00
11.30 - 4.00
12.30 - 4.00
4 year old Kookaburra
12.30 - 4.15
12.30 - 4.00
8.30 - 12.00
8.30 - 12.45
 3 year old Wombats
8.30 - 11.00
1.15 - 3.45
Early Childhood Teachers: 

4 year olds

3 year olds
4 year olds
3 year olds
Rachel Lunny
Kym Kishazi
Katrina Girvan
Nadia Seymour
Lisa Unwin
Julie Seidel
Open Day:
We have an open day in late May / early June each year.
2019 - Saturday 18 May 11am - 1pm
We welcome visitors at any time.
Please phone the preschool for further details or to make an appointment.
Nearest Maternal & Child Health Centre:Forest Hill and Whitehorse Primary School
Feeder Schools:Blackburn Lake, Laburnum, St Thomas and Blackburn Primary Schools