Katrina Preschool
69 Katrina Street
Blackburn North, 3130
bestchance Early Years Management
Phone: 1300 224 644
Kinder: 03 9878 8116
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Preschool is a unique time in your's and your children's lives. It is a time when children have the opportunity to laugh, grow, make friends, imagine, play and learn about the wonderful world around them. All children are capable individuals that have something different to offer their preschool peers and teachers.
The preschool environment is a place that nurtures the individual as well as the group, and supports exciting journeys of exploration. Most importantly the preschool years are fun and as teachers we look forward to the possibilities of every preschool day...an exciting idea that we share with the children and parents in our preschool community.

Preschool is a time to explore, create, share, laugh, learn and play.  We believe in the potential of all children - every child has a gift to share with the world,  CELEBRATE CHILDHOOD.
4 year old Group A8.30 - 1.3011.15 - 4.15-8.30 - 1.30-
4 year old Group B8.30 - 1.30-8.30 - 1.308.30 - 1.30-
4 year old Group C8.30 - 1.3011.15 - 4.158.30 - 1.30--
4 year old Group D-11.15 - 4.158.30 - 1.308.30 - 1.30-
3 year old-8.30 - 11.30--8.30 - 11.30

Early Childhood Educators:


4 year olds
3 year olds 
4 year olds
3 year olds
Wendy Di Luzio
Rangana Piyaratne
Elizabeth Horner
Jo Beecroft
Lyn Bryant
Voula Panayotidis
Open Day:
Open Day May each year.
2019 - Saturday 18 May 9.30am-11.30am
We welcome visitors at any time.
Please phone the preschool to make an appointment.
Nearest Maternal & Child Health Centre:Whitehorse Primary School
Feeder Schools:Old Orchard, St Phillip's, Kerrimuir, Whitehorse, Blackburn, Beverley Hills, St Francis Xavier, St Gregory's, Our Lady of the Pines Primary Schools