NewHope Baptist Preschool  
3 Springfield Road, Blackburn North, 3130
BH 03 9898 2075

Postal Address: PO Box 119.  Kerrimuir 3129

NewHope Baptist Preschool is committed to providing a high quality educational program for young children.  Our Christian-based program ensures a caring, nurturing environment where each child is given the opportunity to develop and grow a postiive and healthy self-esteem and discover many new things about themselves, others and their world.  NewHope Baptist Preschool endeavours to create partnership with families and strong connections to the local community.
Our Mission Statement is CARE - NURTURE - GROW
NewHope Baptist Preschool includes:
  • Program extension through carefully selected events which provide hands-on learning and discovery across the curriculum areas (i.e. science, music, movement, language, drama, poetry and creative art).
  • A stimulating educational environment, based upon the individual needs of the children.
  • A warm, secure, aesthetically appealing environment that encourages learning and adherence to issues of social justice, equity and inclusion.
  • Two groups of 4 year old children (22 per group), ensuring a strong relational focus. 
4 year old Possums8.30 - 2.308.30 - 2.309.30 - 12.30--
4 year old Kangaroos--1.00 - 4.008.30 - 2.308.30 - 2.30
3 year old Platypus--9.15 - 1.1512.45 - 3.45-
3 year old Koalas-9.15 - 1.15-9.15 - 12.15-
Early Childhood Teachers: 

4 year olds
3 year olds
4 year olds
3 year olds
Melissa Adam
Kate Bradley
Miranda Lee
Jacinta Sleeman
Vanessa Chessum-Buxton
Laura Dodani
Rachel Allsop
Open Day:Please refer to the NewHope Preschool website calendar for preschool tour dates.
Nearest Maternal & Child Health Centre:Whitehorse Primary School
Feeder Schools:Old Orchard, Kerrimuir, Laburnum, St Andrews, St Francis Xavier Primary Schools and Donvale Christian College.