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Rangeview PreSchool
3 Rupert Street
Mitcham, 3132
BH 03 9874 5874 

We offer play based educational programs, which are built upon a basis of sensitivity to childhood development. Through play, children are engaged in learning environments, which allow them to develop socially, emotionally, physically and mentally. The program incorporates numerous learning experiences including cooking, art, dance, drama, movement, numeracy, science, music, language, pre-reading and writing. We are situated on a large allotment of land in a quiet suburban street and the building is spacious, light, modern, attractive and beautifully maintained.
At Rangeview Pre-School we aim to provide a safe, secure environment, which fosters happiness, self-esteem and acceptance. We offer stimulating developmentally appropriate activities, a perceptual motor program, a variety of excursions and visitors to the Pre-School, caring and enthusiastic staff, interaction and transition programs with local primary schools, a wide range of equipment and family social occasions.

4 year old group A


9.15 - 3.00-9.15 - 3.00

9.15 - 1.15

(alternating Bush Kinder session)


4 year old group B


-9.15 - 3.00-

9.15 - 1.15

(alternating Bush Kinder session)

9.15 - 3.00
3 year old Willow9.45 - 12.45-9.45 - 12.45--
3 year old Jacaranda-9.45 - 12.45--9.45 - 12.45


3yo pre-kinder program


9.30 - 12.00


Early Childhood Teachers:



4 year olds
3 year olds
Gumnuts Program

4 year olds

4 year & 3 year olds

3 year olds

Gumnuts Program

Annamaria Bingham
Andrea McCurdy
Kim Costigan
Tracy Beckter
Sonja Wansbrough
Penny Low
Jan Vanston
Christy Elliott
Jing Zhang
Amelia Davies
Christy Elliott
Open Day:
During May each year. 
2019 - Saturday 25 May, 10am - 12pm
Please phone the preschool for details.
Nearest Maternal & Child Health Centre:Brunswick Road, Mitcham
Feeder Schools:Antonio Park, Mitcham, Rangeview, St James, St John's and Vermont Primary Schools.