Vermont Primary School Kindergarten
10 Nurlendi Road
Vermont, 3133
BH 03 9874 4962 

Vermont Kindergarten offers you and your child an educational program that is planned for children's individual needs. Vermont Kindergarten has a commitment to the provision of a high quality, early childhood service. We aim to give children experience in all areas which are vital for the development of a happy, healthy child. This includes social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. We aim to encourage creativity and independence and develop a positive self-esteem in our children. We provide a music and movement program as well as art and craft activities.
Vermont Kindergarten offers kindergarten for three and four year olds, and is conveniently located on site at the Vermont Primary School and has very close links with the school.  
4 year old group 19.00 - 3.0012.30 - 4.30--9.00 - 2.00
4 year old group 2-9.00 - 3.0012.30 - 4.30-9.15 - 2.15
4 year old group 312.30 - 4.30-9.00 - 3.009.00 - 2.00


3 year old group A8.30 - 11.00-8.30 - 11.00--
3 year old group B-8.30 - 11.00-8.30 - 11.00-

Early Childhood Educators:




 4 year olds



3 year olds

4 & 3 year olds


4 year olds

Margaret Kruger
Merriwyn Jordan
Grace Ayliffe
Helen Williams
Rhonda Tabe
Melanie Goldsmith
Jacquie Cormick
Open Day:We welcome visitors anytime.
Please phone the centre to make an appointment.
Nearest Maternal & Child Health Centre:Mitcham Road.
Feeder Schools:Vermont, Rangeview, St James and Livingstone Primary Schools.