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About Us


WPSA is a non-profit organisation.

We were formed in 1965 as the Nunawading PreSchool Association by a number of Nunawading preschools who wanted to set up a support network for themselves.  When the government amalgamated Nunawading and Box Hill the name of the association changed to Whitehorse PreSchool Association (WPSA).

The Whitehorse City Council does not employ or manage the WPSA; however Council does provide financial support in the form of a service agreement.


The main aims of the WPSA are - 

  • To coordinate enrolment applications for all member kindergartens.
  • To support committees of management.
  • To help develop and maintain Eligibility and Priority of Access criteria.
  • To support and assist kindergarten committees of management in changes and updates in the early childhood sector.
  • To act as a coordinating body for kindergarten committees and other organisations in the Whitehorse area.
  • To liase with responsible government authorities.


WPSA Complaints and Grievances Policy

WPSA Privacy Policy