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Can my child attend kindergarten and childcare in the same year?

Your child can attend both kindergarten and childcare but can only receive kindergarten funding at one service and when attending a sessional community kindergarten, the funding must be received at the kindergarten.


Is kindergarten compulsory?

Neither 3 year old nor 4 year old kindergarten is compulsory, however it is highly recommended to give your child the best start to their education journey.


What is the difference between preschool and kindergarten?

Preschool and kindergarten are the same.  They are interchangeble words.


Is there a fee to apply with WPSA?

No. As of 9 February 2024 an application fee is no longer required thanks to CRES funding through the Central Enrolment Project.


Is WPSA part of the Whitehorse City Council?

WPSA is not a part of Whitehorse City Council. We are a non-profit incorporated association.

We do receive funding from Council by way of a service agreement.


Is 3 Year Old or 4 Year Old kindergarten free?

Kindergarten is free* thanks to state and federal government funding to support children in accessing a kindergarten program in the two years before they start school.  Your child can attend only one funded kindergarten program in a single year.


*How many hours of free kindergarten can my child access?

Federal and State Government funding provides children with 15 hours of free 4 year old and free 3 year old for 5-15 hours per week.

Any additional hours above 15 hours per week are not free.

Under this initiative, children can only access one funded kindergarten program, at one service at a time. Parents/Carers will need to sign a Department of Education funding agreement letter which confirms they are accessing the funded kindergarten program at one service. If you are accessing more than one program (i.e. sessional kindergarten and long day care that also provides funded kindergarten), the Free Kindergarten funding can only be claimed at one service and when attending sessional community kindergarten it must be accessed at the kindergarten.


Are kindergartens government or council managed?

Kindergartens within Whitehorse are mostly community managed.

This means they are managed by volunteer parents of children attending the kindergarten.

Some kindergartens are on church or school grounds and this may mean the church council or school council will manage the kindergarten.

Some kindergartens have an Early Years Manager (EYM) who handles the day-to-day management.