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Whitehorse PreSchool Association (WPSA)

Applications Office:

Office Hours Monday - Friday, closed Wednesday - 10.30am - 2.30pm

Kim Illarietti - Association Manager / Andrea Liddle - Assistant Association Manager


Email is the most consistent form of contact.  The office may be unattended for phone calls due to staff availability. 

Email:   w.p.s.a@bigpond.com 

Phone:   03 9285 4854 *

*Office is not attended Tuesdays and Fridays for phone calls in 4th term.  Please contact us by email.

Fax:        03 9285 4855

ABN:        19 219 925 570


Victorian School Holidays office hours - Our office is closed for phone calls during Victorian school holidays, we do still answer emails and process new applications.



The Applications Office

Whitehorse PreSchool Association

P.O. Box 1194,

Blackburn North, 3130


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