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Timeline for 2021 selection process


30 June 2020 - Application close

Emailed application forms, together with the application fee and correct required documents, must all be received by 30 June the year prior to that being applied for to be considered as received on time.

If posting applications during the last week of June it is recommended you take the letter in to a post office and ask them to date postmark at the counter.  This is so we can be sure the mail was posted on or before 30 June 2020.  Mail received after 30 June not postmarked, may not be processed as received on time.

Friday 17 July - Monday 20 July

1st round offers will be posted or emailed by the kindergartens.

Letters advising those not receiving an initial 1st round offer and when they will hear further will also be sent

Wednesday 29 July - those that have received an offer need to reply by this date to accept the offer

Wednesday 12 August - Further information letters posted to those still on a waitlist.

Monday 17 August - Preschool alternatives with a vacancy will start to contact people still on another waitlist

Wednesday 19 August - WPSA will have information on which preschools may have a vacancy after this date

Monday 24 August -  Late changes to applications and new applications not received by closing date 30 June will be considered.




City of Whitehorse Parent Information Forum Program 2019


Parenting Support healthAbility


Whitehorse Council's Health and Family Services department is now using the free app FlexiBuzz (formerly tiqbiz) to communicate with parents, grandparents and carers living in the City of Whitehorse. You will be notified of Health and Family Services relevant events, parent forums, immunisations sessions, maternal and child health and youth parenting information via push notifications. As a parent, grandparent and/or carer you are able to opt into the categories that suit your particular situation.

Visit FlexiBuzz to download the app to your phone, tablet or PC. For further notes, download

Whitehorse Council Health and Family Services FlexiBuzz Instructions (179.83kB).




To endeavour to provide fair and appropriate kindergarten placements for all children in the City of Whitehorse applying through the central application system for three and four year programs; and to encourage and assist all kindergartens to make available the selection criteria for their centre to any prospective parents.

To promote and sustain early childhood education by working closely with the Council and liaising with all the kindergarten communities.

This mission will be achieved through ongoing quality assessment and improvement.